A Little Pepper...

(well its just black glitter) HOWEVER. After extensive testing, Marker 54 is now adding Black Glitter to all our soft plastic Shrimp. The lure seems to be MORE EFFECTIVE with the smaller trout and reds with the black flakes than without. Our Shrimp have always been impressive on larger Reds & Trout but now the fish count will INCREASE with those smaller fish added into your day. ADDITIONALLY the lure has been made Harder (now above a saltwater hard type plastic). We have seen increased durability an all day fishability without losing lure action

..... and still just $2.99 


The Marker 54 Hard Plastic Live Shrimp mimics all three natural motions of a Shrimp. The forward motion, the fleeing motion, and the descent (the lure even lands on its "feet"). This is simply the most live like shrimp lure in the water. The lure weighs slightly more than 1/4 ounce, but sinks like a 1/16. It has a Rattle, and the flexible tail is as durable as engineering allows - while still remaining flexible. My lure is not trying to compete with other lure companies, i am trying to compete with live bait! 


A topwater that lays on its side (like a dead fish) at rest. This is the perfect topwater Lure


Backwards motion Shrimp lure that 
rises Vertically when pop'd. 


A true Glide lure. For every 6" it drops the lure gilded forward one inch and ALWAYS lands on its feet (just like in the picture)