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Mullet Run - Texas Black Gold - Clear Tail Mullet Run - 8 pk - Texas Black Gold - Clear Tail

I use this color in clear water on sunny days with a weekend type crowd on the water. I feel the fish want the most natural profile they can get after a few days of the Chartreuse tail parade, a clear tail seems to work very well.

Price: $4.99
Mullet Run - Texas Black Gold - Chartreuse Tail Mullet Run - 8 pk - Texas Black Gold - Chartreuse Tail

I use this color in clear water on overcast days. The water has a little darkness due to the clouds , and the chartreuse tail gives it a little extra. I also use this on mid week fishing in clear water and sunny days - the fish don’t have as much pressure so a Chartreuse tail is not a negative.

Price: $4.99
Mullet Run - Texas Black Gold - Redtail Mullet Run - 8 pk - Texas Black Gold - Redtail

I use this color for CLEAR WATER and HEAVY pressure. The fish need something different to motivate them - and Red is the trick. I have also caught my biggest trout on this red tail (big trout are also very hard to motivate). I do like red tails when there is heavy bait in the area; I think red tails, more than chartreuse tails, work better when your lure is in among a lot of live bait.

Price: $4.99
Mullet Run - Cucumber Mullet Run - 8 pk - Lime

This is my green water assassin its lime or you can call it Green Chartreuse. I toss this color in green clear water, green slightly cloudy water, wind whipped green water.. DOES NOT MATTER. I use lime in green water on sunny days, dark days whatever. If the water is “trout green” I toss lime color like a religion.

Price: $4.99
Mullet Run - Purple Surfer Mullet Run - 8 pk - Purple Surfer

The name says it all. Fish this color in the surf. Surf conditions lend themselves to clear water, and lots of bubbles creating light effects. Purple carries further in these conditions. I also like this color in “wind whipped” marshes .. where the wind is pushing “coffee with heavy cream” colored water into the marsh. This is also an excellent color for nighttime outside of any light source - so dark bridges or docks. Purple seems to work better than regular black.

Price: $4.99
Mullet Run - Natural Mullet Run - 8 pk - Natural

This is my favorite color. I use natural mullet in back ponds when the water is clear. It's a natural mullet color and is really effective for the larger reds that have learned about chartreuse tails and humans. Every guy knows.. naturals are always better ;-)

Price: $4.99
Mullet Run colors Mullet Run - 8 pk - Natural - Chartreuse Tail

We can debate about this color. It can be the White with Chartreuse option, it can be a natural with a little extra. I have caught fish with this color in every condition, from muddy to clear, sunny too dark days, It is an excellent all around option.It doesn’t seem to catch the bigger reds in clear marsh ponds, or the large trout.. but it always seems to catch fish. This is Swiss Army Knife color. Can be used in virtually every condition.

Price: $4.99