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x1000 Stronger , Won't Melt , Scented w/ ProCure

Mullet Run - Chernobyl Mullet Run - Chernobyl

This color is an acquired taste. in heavy fog yellow lights are the easiest to see. So when the water is "foggy" or the sky is darker making visibility lower... Chernobyl should be your go to. Green water on overcast days, wind whipped water on sunny days, clear water on bight days. This color has that extra oomph when the water needs it. Bag of 6 lures

Price: $6.99
Mullet Run - Blue Tequila Mullet Run - Blue Tequila

ATTENTION ALL ROOT BEER LOVERS ... this is your color. Amy destroys the reds on this color. Excellent color for clear waters
bag of 6 lures

Price: $6.99
Mullet Run - Morning Glory - Chartreuse Tail Mullet Run - Morning Glory - Chartreuse Tail

When the water is UGLY this color shines you would not swim in it , but your forced to fish in it.. Morning Glory is the color on your jig head. Bag of 6 lures

Price: $6.99
Mullet Run - Purple Surfer Mullet Run - Purple Surfer

People who toss purple have their own applications, however I toss this in the surf during summer months. Purple is also an excellent color for night time and low light on a clear sky. Purple is one of the few colors that redfish can actually see. Bag of 6 lures

Price: $6.99
Mullet Run - Envy Mullet Run - Envy - aka "the Larry"

Developed by Guide Larry of Artificial Only Guide Service in Rockport, Texas. This color is a killer fished over the Sumer time grass. Greenest thing in water with a green tint and absolute killer on Trout and Reds in summer time patters. Make your fishing buddy green with Envy.bag of 6 lures

Price: $6.99
Mullet Run - Ghost Mullet Run - Ghost - Chartreuse Tail

The Ghost with Chartreuse Tail. A great all around color when searching for fish under partly sunny or low light conditions. Built in the 18 degree plastic that is engineered to be Texas Tough and easy to rig.

Price: $6.99
Mullet Run - Pinktastic Mullet Run - Pinktastic

Pinktastic - Is it pink, is it violet, is it lite pink? its all of the above its PINKTASTIC. Pink is a excellent trout color but it also one of the few colors that Redfish can see. Pink is very effective in cool and cold water when the fish metabolism slows down and they need a little extra sumthin sumthin to get them moving …

Price: $6.99
Mullet Run - Stud Finder Mullet Run - Stud Finder

Stud Finder is the first M54 color with reactive UV dye. In sunlight the lure looks tinted purple, but in the water it is a PERFECT translucent grey.. just like a natural mullet color. Made our of our proprietary 18 degree plastic that lasts forever and with the weedless hook slot for scent... this color is a must have.

Price: $6.99