Marker 54 is a myth.. it's the stories I heard about my dad's greatest fishing spot. A forgotten flat in the center of the worlds view where the term trophy fish was useless since they all were that big there. This flat, located in the Kennedy space center, with redfish at the foot of launch pads with rockets pointing toward the moon. Two skinny teens in a flat bottom jon boat that had made the long run behind the line guarded by men to the foot of Pad 39A. The stories were of redfish that were as long as Gators, trout that looked like tarpon, even bass that would be considered once in a life time today. Mullet so thick you were fearful running too fast in the boat as for one may jump and hit you. A place my dad swore no one ever knew he fished: though, I think they did, but those times were more forgiving to two kids fishing than they would be today.

Marker 54 is a real place. You can see it on google earth: it is called pinfish creek and it literally sits at the foot of Launchpad 39A at the Kennedy Space center. We can't go there, (you could not go there then) but that's not really the point. Marker 54 stories are the glue that bind fisherman together. They relate the story teller to simpler days gone by, and connect the listener to a dream to one day find their own Marker 54.

We all know Someone who as a Marker 54 story. Perhaps you have one yourself. I have heard that story so much it moved me beyond fishing, its adjusted my life. I think of Marker 54 in everything I make – Our lures are designed as uniquely as those rockets, the clothing is as simple as that flat bottom jon boat. You can find ways to spend more money, but the point of Marker 54 will always be Two kids with just an old jon boat, a handful of top water lures, and a bold determination to find the greatest fishing spot on earth, A place that will literally never die, since it only now only exists in stories.