Shrimplets have arrived!

Yes - that's right. After undergoing some extensive user testing in specific markets,
the Shrimplets are officially launched and available!
These little guys are irresistible to redfish, trout, snook, founder, and even sheepshead.
1/8 oz pre-rigged with a carbon steel 1/0 hook.


M54 Glide Shrimp - Wine M54 Glide Shrimp - Wine

Forward motion soft plastic shrimp - just cast and retrieve.   Pack of 2.

Price: $7.99

Jerk Shrimp - White w/ Chartreuse Tail Jerk Shrimp - White w/ Chartreuse Tail

Backward motion soft plastic. Pack of 2.

Price: $7.99

Shrimplet - Wine Shrimplet - Wine

Mini but mighty.  These 2.5 inch shrimp are an irresistible bite-sized delight for redfish, trout, sheepshead, and flounder.  The 18lb hook is ready for the bull reds!

Price: $7.99