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Custom painted 4.5 inch Mullet run in the incredibly durable 18 degree plastic ! One lure will last multiple trip. BAG OF 4 LURES.

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The classic Red & White The classic Red & White

Since the dawn of time red & white have been the classic color. bag of 4 lures

Price: $9.99
Greenie Greenie

Greenies are like candy to big snook , tarpon, and reds. Bag of 4 lures

Price: $9.99
Purple Phantom Purple Phantom

Purple is the color trout and redfish see best. This color is AMAZING in dirty water.bag of 4 lures

Price: $9.99
Modern classic red and black Modern classic red and black

Red with a black back and silver flake .. redfish may crawl down your driveway looking for this thing.bag of 4 lures

Price: $9.99
Wounded natural Wounded natural

I have been hit! The bleeding gills design has been a long time favorite of fishermen everywhere. Bag of 4 lures

Price: $9.99
Day-Glow Day-Glow

A great low light color. Surf casting , or pitching to docks in brackish water. Bag of 4 lures

Price: $9.99
Purple-nurple Purple-nurple

Purple catches redfish … period! Also a great surf-fishing. Color.bag of 4 lures

Price: $9.99
Candy corn Candy corn

Black back , gold body, orange belly. A lure color in the fishing hall of fame .. is there anything this color can’t catch ?bag of 4 lures

Price: $9.99