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Forward or Backward Motion

An extension of our MADE IN USA, Patent Pending Jerk Shrimp.

This design allows you to BOTH
  • Interchange lure bodies without un-tying the hook AND
  • Rig the lure for Forward or Backward action
The weight is molded into the lure so the action is not dependent upon hook placement. A pre-made channel is molded into the lure, as is the notch in the front. The hook eye or hook point, will always be in either of those places.

Each package contains:
  • 4 soft plastic 1/4 oz shrimp lures w/ UV Glow
  • 2 custom weedless hooks

Easy to rig, interchangeable lure bodies, forward or backward motion, and WEEDLESS. Dude come on, it's amazing!

NOTE -- We are temporarily SOLD OUT. Will update the site when we have them back in stock!