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  • Marker 54 Shrimp

    Soft Plastic Forward Glide Shrimp

    For every 6 " of fall, the lure glides forward 1". Lands on its feet every time - just like a live shrimp. Flexible tail and almost 1/4 ounce in weight - but sinks like an 1/8th due to the design. All soft plastic shrimp are built with UV and will glow for extra visibility.

  • M54 Hard Plastic Shrimp

    Hard Plastic with a Flexible Tail

    Simply the most life-like shrimp lure in the water. This lure can be rigged to flee or glide forward. It descends slowly and always lands on its feet. Weighs 3/8 oz but sinks like a 1/16 oz. Comes in both a 4" and 3" version.
  • Jerk Shrimp

    Backward Rigged Fleeing Shrimp

    Perfectly mimics the action of a Fleeing Shrimp, which jumps VERTICALLY when popped, not backward. Lure rises up and swims away on the fall - causing it to "jig" even at a distance, thus staying in the water longer than a traditional forward-rigged shrimp.
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