Forward and fleeing movements (Patent Pending)

Now Available.. 

MARKER 54 - Engineering the best designed  Lures on the Planet.  The SWIM SPOOK : A Topwater Stainless jointed swim bait that lays on its side at rest (like a dying fish)  The MARKER 54 SHIRMP:  A "Natural Fall" flex tail shrimp lure (that smells like a shrimp) and despite weighing 1/4 ounce .. sinks like its 1/8 ounce (cool huh!) ,  The JERK SHRIMP:  A Natural fall, BACKWARDS swimming Shrimp lure that does not swim horizontally when jigged but actually pops up vertically (even from long distances). When Shrimp retreat they do it vertically not horizontally!!    Our lures are what fish would use if they were fishing.

Our Lures are Designed by Fish...

 Successful design looks like this... Lures that catch fish look like this... AND Marker 54 lures ACT naturally and they work naturally. Fancy design in a package doesn't catch a flounder... a Marker 54 Shrimp lure that lands on its feet,on the bottom.. does! Lures made out of special magic plastic don't fool 7lb trout... a SwimSpook that lays on its side at rest (like a dying fish)... does! A fancy painted lead weight isn't a grouper lure... A Jerk Shrimp that rises vertically , like a REAL fleeing shrimp, (while flexing its tail and smelling like a shrimp) DOES! Our lures are designed by fish and will work for you.  

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